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Our unique hand blown keepsake cremation 'tears' are especially designed incorporating the precious ashes of your dearly departed into a beautiful tear drop necklace which will allow you to keep their memory close to your heart.

Each tear is created using a small portion of your loved one's sacred ashes for distribution to family members no matter where they are.

Master Craftsman Robert Shield, who lost his brother to a massive heart attack a few years ago was in search of a simple token of his beloved brother to share with his brothers and sisters around the world. Now as a tribute to Peter John Shield Jr., Robert has designed a beautiful tear drop, the glass for which is fused with a small portion of one's dearly departed to create an eternal memory that can be displayed or worn by those who held them dear.

Recently added (by special request) is a hand blown angel. Created with love and respect, Master Robert spins the specially fused glass into a unique angel design that can be hung or simply stand as a memorial keepsake.

Each piece is totally unique, as individual as the loved one from whom it was created.

Our Tear Drop Necklace Keepsake
Keep your dear ones ashes close to your Heart


Your precious loved ones ashes fused into a beautiful

piece of art that you will treasure forever!




Our prices are inclusive of shipping and handling and include everything you need to assist you at this emotional time.

You receive a container with filling instructions and a return mailer.

Your keepsake is returned to you via registered mail.

"Tear Drop Necklace with Silver Chain $185.00. (Quantity discounts available)

"4.5 inch Keepsake Angel" $225.00.


Many families are today selecting cremation for their loved ones remains.

Most of us are not aware that today over half the deceased in the United States are cremated.Cremation is not new. It has been a practice around the world for centuries. Many experts believe that eventually over 80% of the world’s deceased will be cremated.As we become more aware and concerned at protecting the Earth’s environment coupled with the lower cost, cremation becomes the natural choice for families around the world.




The process is extremely simple and everything will be handled by your Funeral Director, simply advise us of their contact details or ask them to call us. Should you already be in possession of your loved one's ashes we will send you a special container in which to forward us a small portion to be fused with the glass that will be used to craft your chosen creation. Simply complete the inquiry form below or call Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD directly at 702 445 5080 for personal attention.

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